Shelf Configurator 

The Shelf Configurator


Hem's Shelf configurator was designed from ground up to give the user the easiest way to configure their own customised shelf. Everything from the shape, size, material and accessories is individually customisable. The task was incredibly complex since extensive algorithms for the specific designs had to be integrated within the UX while keeping the whole process fun and intuative. (See the shelf configurator in action below) 



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The Choice of Menu  

Tab Menu

One of the many challenges with complex configurators is choosing the relevant menu to keep the process fun and intuitive. The shelf tool went through many iterations coming down to two main menu options, one being a tab design the other a wizard that had a more linear approach.

Wizard Menu 

The initial consensuses was that the tab design allowed for a more decluttered screen and a good overview over all tools. However extensive user testing showed that Hem’s older demographic preferred a more linear approach leading them through the different steps with a clear “next” button.

Shelves Build With The Configurator

Company: Hem


Photos: Hem GmbH, Friedrichstraße 22410969 BerlinDeutschland


Position: Lead UX/UI Deisgner & Product Manager


Project time span: 2015