Botanix iOS app

The main aim of this project was to have a quick exercise with the prototyping tool called “principle”. Due to the time constraint I chose to limit myself to just an iOS app. I wanted to learn some new animation and prototyping  techniques and see if I could apply them to a personal weekend project. 


Already during the early conceptualization I wanted the plants to seemingly burst out the confined frames creating a visually striking aesthetic. The imagery was meant to be bold and the general UI just a canvas to hold and emphasize the natural beauty of plants.

Logo ​Ideation

Since one of the goals of this exercise was to generate ideas under a confined timeframe I gave myself roughly 15min (or the length of three songs) to come up with a concept. 

The songs used during the ideation of the logo were: 

Type of Project: Bachelor Project


Position: Product Designer


Project time span: 2013



The icon is meant to resemble a blossoming tulip. Conceptualised with animation in mind the logo was designed to enhance the visual motion of unfolding.

As with any logo it was vital to retain the same recognizable form when not in color. 

The logos form factor plays a great role when having to compete with a cluttered home screen. The form and color composition need to distinguish themselves from the rest but conserve a homogenous aesthetic at the same time. 

The two main functions of the app is to allow an easy search function in finding your specific plant or present a beautiful browsing experience for the botanical enthusiast. 

The result was two different browsing views. One being the tile view that allows for a better overview and the second being a more detailed card view. All the functions are easy accessible at the top of the screen avoiding confusion of hidden menus and unnecessary on-boarding tutorials.